Sommer 2023: Åpent for booking 

Sommer 2023: Åpent for booking

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Coming from E6 north / south

Smedsmo camping is situated in Vågå, right between Otta “The city by Rondane” and the mountain village of Lom. If you are coming from E6 (either from south or north) you make an exit in Otta onto highway 15 (rv15) towards Stryn / Lom. From there it is 30 km to Vågå. In the first roundabout you just continue straight on rv15, but in the next one take the exit by YX towards the center of Vågå. The exit for the camping is the same as for the gas station, YX, just follow the signs. 

Coming from south / south west (RV15, FV55 or FV51)

If you arrive over Valdresflya (FV55), down towards Randen and onto Rv 15, you can follow the directions to Otta. From there it is about 7 km until you reach the roundabout at YX. 

If you are coming from Sognefjellet to Lom (FV55), you then follow RV15 towards Otta. From Lom there is around 30 km until you reach the roundabout in Vågå. 

If you are entering Lom from Stryn on RV15 you just stay on RV15 through the city center of Lom. Follow RV 15 until you reach YX in Vågå and then follow the signs. 


Smedsmo camping