Sommer 2024: Åpent for booking

Sommer 2024: Åpent for booking

Things to do

At Smedsmo camping


We offer lots of different activities to keep the children entertained. The playground is located next to our reception. In safe surroundings the young family members can have a good time, they can play on the swing, climb, jump on our trampoline or just make some new friends. 

The adults can relax with a cup of coffee from a safe distance, while keeping an eye on the children.

Swimming pond

The idyllic swimming pond is located at the heart of the camping. This is a great pond, and a perfect location for many water activities. Here young and old can relax on a warm summer day. We continue to delevop the pond with more exciting activities, so watch out for more water related fun!


In the center of the camping we have a designated bbq area. Here you have access to a bbq and a seating area (with table, chairs, and benches) so that you can enjoy your meals outside when the weather is nice. 


We offer all our guests the possibility to fish for free from the bridge and down to where the river Finna flows out. Fishing and hunting licenses can be purchased from our closest neighbour, the gas station YX. Take som time off and enjoy a quiet afternoon by the river.

Communal area,
with tv and fireplace

We have a cosy communal area where guests can relax in front of the fireplace with a good book. Or maybe you want to watch some tv together after a whole day in the mountains?

in vågå

«Vågåkyrkja», Vågå church

A historical journey through time

the church in Vågå, Vågåkyrkja was originally a stave church that was built in the 1100s. It was moved to its current location and rebuilt as a cross church in 1630. The entrance portal and the decorated walls are all from the old original church buidling. The church has a baptismal font in soapstone from the 1100s and a crucifix from the middle ages. The grave yard has many unique gravestones in wood and soapstone. The legendary reindeer hunter, Jo Gjende (said to be the inspiration of Ibsens Peer Gynt). is buried here.

Right next to the church there is a small wooden tower, «klokkestupulen», where the church bells hang. If you want to have a look inside you can join a church tour. The church is only 5 minn walk from the camping.


The old rectory in Vågå is situated on a small hill overlooking the village, and only ten minutes walk from the camping. At Ullinsvin there is a large gallery where you can view art from both local, national and international artist, both historical and contemporary. In Café Edvard, named after the artist Edvard Munch who has roots in Ullinsvin, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and home baked goods. The historical rectory garden is also well worth a visit, with beautiful flowers and historical herbs. 

The annual summer exhibitions in the gallery are usually on from june until september, and the autumn exhibitions last from september to the end of october. The lovely christmas market is also well worth a visit. 

Vågå Hotel

Vågå Hotell is around ten minutes from the camping. The hotel restaurant serve both local and international dishes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Drinks and refreshments can be purchased in the bar.

Bokhandel’n Café

Bokhandel’n café and bar is located right in the middle of Vågå, five minutes walk from the camping. Here you can enjoy local food in a cosy atmosphere.

Andre Etasje

Where time stands still

The restaurant «Andre Etasje» lies in the middle of Vågå, five minutes walk from the camping. In the restaurant, located in the charming old swiss style villa, you get served exquisit homemade food in a very unique atmosphere.

Valbjør gard

The farm, Valbjør, is located above Vågåvatnet in øvre Nordherad, 5 km from the center of Vågå. The farm consist of of several preserved buildings dating back to the viking ages. The buildings all show signs of old crafts and traditions, and this charming farm is worth a visit.

The Villa park

The Villa Park lies just a short walk from the camping and is named after the famous FMX athlete André Villa, who grew up in Vågå. The park has a skate park and a bmx track. Great place for kids!


The guide company, Gjendeguiden, have their office in Vågå, only five minutes from the camping. They offer guided hikes, moutain biking tours, paddling and ski tours all across Jotunheimen. The goal is to make everyone enjoy nature while learning and growing as an individual. 

Hunting and fishing

Vågå has lots of possibilities for fishing and hunting. For licenses and more information contact Vågå Fjellstyre.

Local mountain


Blåhøe with its 1617 meter has a fantastic view. There is a road all the way to the top, so you can either drive or walk up. A trip well suited for everyone!

Local mountain


Skagsnebb is 1271 meter and has a lovely view from the top. The peak can either be reached by hiking from the center of Vågå (2-3 hours) or driving on the road towards Blåhøe and then hiking up from around «Tverrhøi». 

Local mountain


Lies on Bringsfjellet. From the top (at 1246 meter) you can see Jotunheimen and Rondane. An easy hike with a good trail. The hike is aproximately 2 hours.

local mountain


1073 meter. Lovely view  over Vågåvatnet. An easy hike, aproximately 2 hours.

in the region

Distance from Smedsmo: 60,7 km

The Gjende boats

The lake Gjende lies on 984 meter, and with the Gjende boats you are transported into the heart of Jotunheimen and Besseggen.

Distance from Smedsmo: 60,7 km


Besseggen is a moutain ridge in Vågå municipality east in Jotunheimen, between Gjende and Bessvatnet. The highest point on the hike is 1743 meter above sea level. The hike over Bessegen takes between 5-7 hours, and is one of Norways most popular hikes.

Distance from Smedsmo: 21,9 km

Lemonsjøen ski resort

Lemonsjøen ski resort lies 850 meter above sea level, right between oslo and Trondheim. The top point is 1200 meter. A ski resort from everyone, from beginner to advanced.

Distance from Smedsmo: 27,6km

Jotunheimen Husky Lodge

Do you want to go on a winter adventure with two and four legged friends in Jotunheimen? Try mushing! We have guided tours every day from 1st of january to the middle of may. The tours are adapted to fiteveryone, wether you are family, friends or coworkers.

Distance from Smedsmo: 32 km

Sjoa Rafting

Experience the renowed river Sjoa with experienced guides. The river Sjoa flows out from Gjende at 984 meter, and runs through the valley of Heidal. There are many different rafting trips to choose from.

Distance from Smedsmo: 37,7 km

Øien Øvre

Øien Øvre is a farm in Heidal, near Jotunheimen and Rondane. In the summer we have guided horse riding trips up in the mountains, and in the winter you can experience the valley from horse back. An amazing experience!

Smedsmo camping is a perfect to stay if you are planning to hike in Jotunheimen or Rondane. Nice hosts, and pretty location next to the river with fishing spots. Smedsmo is in perfect walking distance from the center of Vågå with shops and cafe's. We had a nice stay at Smedsmo and would love to come back next summer!

Kind regards Torill Steinagard

Thanks for five nice days. We've had a lovely time. Friendly hosts.

Anne Berit Hjermstad, Atle Solstad, Tom Roger Hjermstad, Mia and Kristoffer